One step, Total Solution

The process of Gansam Architecture is completed by sharing opinions with experts in various fields that give new value to architecture.
The work process of Gansam Architecture, which seeks customer satisfaction from a new perspective,
aims at a total solution that is responsible from beginning to end of architecture.


Space Branding

Brand Consulting

Content, MD

Business Feasibility Analysis

Financial Environment Analysis


Architectural Design

Landscape Design

Interior Design

Urban Planning

Master Plan


Structural Design

Construction Cost Planning

Construction Cost Reduction Plan

Fire-Fighting Plans



Architectural Design Supervision

landscaping Supervision

Structural Supervision

Civil Engineering Supervision

Fire Supervision

Design Supervision

  • Architectural Design

    The architects of Gansam strive to maintain
    the values of life that do not change even with time.
    Experts cooperate with each other and create the best design results
    in various perspectives to improve this precious value and quality of life.

    We manage a series of processes leading to planning, design, merchandising,
    and operation together with a group of experts in commerce, medical care, housing,
    culture, research, and urban design to realize the motto of proposing
    a lifestyle through space with a unique system and process,
    embodying the profitability and value for the client's business.

    We constantly contemplate and propose solutions based on imagination
    and creativity to solve the problems of people's lives,
    society, the city, and the environment through architecture.

  • Landscape Design

    Gansam completes landscaping space as an environment
    that brings greater happiness to people by adding the force of nature
    and landscaping to an architectural space that gave full consideration
    to people basedon the philosophy of Gansam,
    which is the creation of a space for people beyond time.

    We capture numerous stories and dreams based on the memory of the land
    and the potential of nature's vitality and embody an intense yet delicate healing space brought
    about by the change of time at the boundary between emptying and filling.

    We pursue practical and moderate landscape design using scientific analysis
    and qualitative expressions based on respect for nature, professional knowledge of the landscape,
    and technological strength. We are engaged in "landscaping" based on the ideas and approaches
    that transcend the fixed existing landscape to provide users with the value of impressiveness.

  • Interior Design

    Interior design is the work of understanding people and designing the space where they stay.

    GDS (Gansam Design Studio) develops an interactive design that understands users and
    the basic concepts of architecture and intensifies users' functional, environmental,
    and emotional aspects. GDS creates a space that cares about people
    and captures the stories of life and valuable space that becomes a part of people's lifestyles.
    In addition, we realize Total Design by collecting numerous data through various experiences
    and developing designs verified based on the data.

    The goal that GDS ultimately pursues is to design a space where people become
    the center and are happy.

  • Urban Planning/Master Plan

    Urban space and architecture grow mutually.
    Gansam' experts of urban architecture are
    involved in the creative work of gaining insight into the city's values and
    connecting them to draw up an innovative plan and provide design services.

    We establish a future vision for the city by placing important values on temporal
    and spatial expansion without defining boundaries between urban planning
    and urban design regarding the clustering of single buildings

    We propose a new urban landscape and expression through a design
    encompassing new development models and
    urban environment while expanding integrated and continued borderless urban experiences.