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[게재] BOB 2024년 5월호, 로컬스티치 크리에이터 타운 서교
Featured in Magazine
[Featured] BOB magazine featured Local Stitch Creator Town Seogyo in the May issue, 2024
Local Stitch Creator Town Seogyo was featured in the May issue, 2024 of  <BOB magazine>.         Project overview · Location: Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul · Scale: B3F~7F · Site area: 3,622㎡ · Total floor area: 17,590.02㎡ · Design ParticipantsHyosang Lee, Seongguk Park, Youngdoo Choi, Arin Heo,  Myeongryul Lee, Yoonjung Ji, Sooyoung Choi   Learn more about the project <Local Stitch Creator Town Seogyo>
[게재] KOREANA 2024년 봄호, 페럼타워
Featured in Magazine
[Featured] Ferrum Tower, 2024 spring issue of KOREANA
Ferrum Tower was featured in the 2024 spring issue of <KOREANA>,  the Korea Foundation's quarterly magazine published in 10 languages to promote Korean culture and arts.         Lean more about the project <Ferrum Tower>   Go to read an article of <KOREANA>
[게재] 감 매거진 22호 단열편, 이천 물류센터
Featured in Magazine
[Featured] Ichon Logistics Center featured by the episode Insulation, in the 22nd edition of GARM Magazine
The 22nd edition of <GARM Magazine> featured ‘Icheon Logistics Center’ in its insulation episode.  This article explores the importance of insulation in logistics centers and how it is being applied.       Go to read the Insulation edition of <GARM Magazine>.
[게재] 월간건축사 2024년 4월호, 캄보디아 이온몰 3호점
Featured in Magazine
[Featured] Monthly Architect April issue of 2024 featured the 3rd branch of Aeon Mall in Cambodia
<The third branch of Aeon Mall in Cambodia> was introduced in the the Monthly Architect April issue of 2024.         Learn more about the project <The 3rd branch of Aeon Mall in Cambodia.>   Go to read an article <Monthly Architect>
[당선] 간삼건축, 건국대학교병원 외래센터 및 철골주차장 증축공사 제안공모
[Selected] Gansam, selected for the proposal competition of Konkuk University Hospital outpatient center and steel framed parking lot expansion project
▲ Enhanced accessibility with the entrance placed close to Konkuk University Station and the main building for the new outpatient center featuring symbolic design ▲ Prioritized user convenience with the passageway connecting the two buildings ▲ Dedicated space for medical staff and cost reduction with steel framed parking space utilizing the core of the existing building     Konkuk University Hospital outpatient center and steel framed parking lot located at the main street near Konkuk University station, which has a high volume of foot traffic from the subway and surrounding area. ⓒGansam Gansam was selected for the proposal competition of Konkuk University Hospital outpatient center and steel framed parking lot expansion project.  This project involves the expansion of an outpatient center with a total floor area of approximately 1,400 pyeong and a steel framed parking lot of about 900 pyeong on a 5,200 pyeong site around Konkuk University Hospital in Neungdong-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul.  The winning proposal by Gansam aims to provide a new identity for Konkuk University Hospital while maximizing accessibility and symbolic significance. The outpatient center, facing the main road, features an atrium design in the façade, generating a new symbolic presence to the hospital. Entrances are strategically placed near Konkuk University station and the main building to enhance accessibility. A passageway was planned to strengthen the connectivity between the main building and the expanded outpatient center, prioritizing user convenience in the space layout. Additionally, dedicated spaces for medical staff have been created to allow them to focus on treatment, research, and rest. The core of the existing building was utilized in the steel framed parking lot, reducing cost and construction time, and offering a rational and efficient alternative through phased construction planning. The proposal was highly praised for presenting an efficient and optimized layout for users, architecturally resolving the connection with the existing building, and providing effective solutions to potential issues during construction.   【Design overview】 · Site location: Konkuk University Hospital, 120-1, Neungdong-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul · Site area: 17,171㎡ · Building area: 8,507.73㎡ (Expansion 2,244.23㎡) · Total floor area: 91,587㎡ (Expansion 4,596㎡) · Building coverage: 49.55% · Floor area ratio: 249.73% · Scale: B4F-13F (Expansion 3 ground levels)   【Participants】 · Healthcare Design: Taesang Lee, Chunhaeng Kim, Wonil Lee, Kangyun Lee, Boseung Kim, Yeonju Kim, Sohee Kim, Uiryeong Jung, Donghu Kim, Beomyong Choi, Jaeyoon Lee  · CM: Seungyeol Lee, Gwangho Jeon, Shinwoo Lee, Sungkil Um, Mujung Kim, Seunghwan Im, Donghee Kim  · MIM: Woonghee Kim, Hongil Noh  · Urban Team: Taehyun Yoo 
[당선] 고성 화진포 관광지 조성사업 현상설계
[Selected] Architectural competition of the development project for Goseong Hwajinpo Lake tourist area
Gansam was selected for the architectural competition of the development project for Goseong Hwajinpo Lake tourist area.  It was highly praised for overcoming the limit of green conservation areas to enhance land utilization, the diverse wellness programs, and their arrangement to maximize customer experience, and the thoughtful design that considered not only customer convenience but also the management and operation of facilities by working staffs.   "A new wellness resort offering meaningful experiences with local nature” Redefining Luxury : Living with Nature After the pandemic, the tourism and leisure industry has been focusing on developing new resort destinations to meet the rapidly changing customers’ needs. As COVID-19 transitions to an endemic, the previously suppressed demand for outdoor activities is rapidly increasing, and with the advancement of AI and big data analysis, we are facing an era of hyper-personalization. In response to these changes, resort development must shift away from targeting the baby boomer generation as the primary customer base and instead plan concept resorts that consider the preferences and demographic size of the millennial generation. Goseong Hwajinpo Hotel & Resort introduces Korea's first true wellness resort with a new customer experience-centered social spa village and sustainable connections to the local area and nature. Located in the pristine natural environment of Hwajinpo Lake, this resort will be an ideal destination optimized for the lifestyle and preferences of future generations as an experience-centered concept resort.            ■ Design overview · Site location: 84 Chodori, Hyeonnae-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do area · Site area: 170,233㎡ · Building area: 51,221.68㎡ · Total floor area: 195,295.64㎡ · Building coverage: 30.09% · Floor area ratio: 62.74% · Scale: B3F-14F   ■ Participants · Architects: Hyosang Lee, Myeongryul Lee, Byungsoo Ko, Jinwoo Kim, Kiwoong Sung, Daeho Jeon, Jihwan Kim, Jihye Kim, Taehoon Kim, Dayoung Kim, Dayeon Lee, Minwoo Kim, Hyunji Choi, Taewoo Kim, Joowon Jung, Yoonjung Ji, Wonseon Kwon, Jinjae Kim, Jihan Lee, Jaehee Woo, Jaemin Byun, Chaeun Lee · Landscaping: Yoonsang Shin, Yeona Jung, Yoonhee Jang · GDS: Seungyeon Lee, Boyeon Ham, Seyoung Joo, Younghoi Cha · CG: Bongseop Lee, Jungsik Min, Kwangmin Lee, Jinho Yoo, Haesung Kang  
[당선] 가톨릭대학교 의정부 성모병원 증축 및 리모델링 현상 설계
[Selected] Extension and remodeling competition of the Catholic University of Korea Uijeongbu St. Mary’s Hospital
Gansam was selected at the extension and remodeling competition of the Catholic University of Korea Uijeongbu St. Mary’s Hospital.      Present the best healing environment solutions for a sustainable future. This competition for the Catholic University of Uijeongbu St. Mary's Hospital involves the project for expanding and remodeling the existing hospital building on a 7,000-pyeong site in Geumo-dong, Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province by expanding to the total floor area to 26,000 pyeong. *Expansion: 16,733 pyeong / Remodeling: 9,873 pyeong     Gansam has introduced a new paradigm in hospital architecture by improving accessibility and healing environments. By utilizing ground-level drop-offs (double decks) on each floor, Gansam separated entry and exit points for vehicles, minimizing traffic congestion, and lowered entry levels to enhance accessibility for pedestrians. Spiritual Atrium was designed as a bright and mild lobby space with natural lighting, taking a role as a hub space connecting existing and expanded building. For the increasing visitors’ demands facilities were efficiently rearranged by medical department, and outpatient and infection control centers were completely separated for independent operation to prepare for pandemics. As a result, the architecture was highly praised for addressing transportation issues, harmonizing with existing buildings, connecting internal and external spaces through central hub, and designing with a patient-oriented approach in response to the evolving medical environment.        ■ Design overview · Site location: 65-1, Geumo-dong, Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do and 7 lots · Site area: 23,200㎡ · Building area: 12762.88㎡ · Total floor area: Expansion 55,316㎡/ Remodeling 32,639㎡ · Building coverage: 55.01% · Floor area ratio: 272.59%  · Scale: B6F-14F     ■ Participants · Taesung Kim (CDO), Moochan Park (CMO) · Healthcare Design: Taesang Lee, Cheonhaeng Kim, Bokyung Kim, Wonil Lee, Suhyun Kim, Sohee Kim, Yuyoung Hwang, Heeryoung Jo, Jaeyoon Lee, Minhyuk Jeon, Donghu Kim · Creative Design: Myeongryul Lee, Seongbeom Park, Sanggyu Park, Ingu Yoon, Yuri Heo, Chanwoo Kim, Shinjong Kim, Young-ho Park, Mijin Seok, Beom Shin, Beomsu Kim, Jongwoon Oh, Minseok Gil, Kijung Kim · Design Strategy Division: Taehyeok Kim, Hayoung Kim, Minjeong Park, Jieun Na · Landscape Team: Yoonsang Shin, Yeji Im, Jimin Im · BIM Team: Yongsoo Kim, Jewoo Park, Yeonghwan Ryu, Osang Im, Jinhyeok Hong · CM Division: Minsu Song, Kwangho Jeon, Seonggil Eom, Mujung Kim       
[기사] 간삼건축 김태집 대표이사, ‘제58회 납세자의 날’ 모범납세자 기재부장관 표창 | 매일경제
[Article] CEO Taijip Kim receives commendation as an exemplary taxpayer from the Minister of Strategy and Finance on the 58th Taxpayer's Day / Maeil Business Newspaper
CEO Taijip Kim received commendation as an exemplary taxpayer from the Minister of Strategy  and Finance on the 58th Taxpayer's Day.  At the commemoration ceremony for the 58th Taxpayer's Day held at the Jungbu Tax Office, Gansam' CEO, Taijip Kim (on the right), is being awarded as an exemplary taxpayer. ⓒJungbu Tax Office I believe that honest tax payment is very basics for the good management.  I will continue to take a full corporate social roles and responsibilities,  taking the lead in developing a healthy tax payment culture.- CEO, Taijip Kim     You can find more details in the related article link.    ■ Related articles - Maeil Business Newspaper (>Link) - Sejung Ilbo (>Link) - DNEWS (>Link)
[기사] 프놈펜 밤을 밝히는 간삼건축의 이온몰 | 건축사신문
[Article] Illuminating the night in Phnom Penh, Aeon Mall / ANC News
On February 26, 2024, was introduced in the ANC News.   [Go to read an article] ANC News, 2024 'K-Architecture' is here!  ① Illuminating the night in Phnom Penh, Aeon Mall by Gansam   Overview of the third branch of Aeon Mall in Cambodia   [Project overview] · Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia · Scale: GF, 1F~3F, RF1~RF2  · Site area: 173,997.59㎡ · Total floor area: 219,075.00㎡ · Design Participants  Taewan Kim, Hyeongsik Im, Hojik Seo, Youngho Shin,  Sangbeom Heo, Hyeokkseok Kwon, Boyoung Kim, Seunghee Lee,  Junhee Woo, Jihye Min, Jiyeon Shin, Yeojung Yang,  Jongsu Yeo, Sejin Cho, Sangyeon Hwang   Learn more about the project <The 3rd branch of Aeon Mall in Cambodia.>
[기사] 간삼건축, 글로벌 수주 역량 강화한다 | 대한경제
[Article] Gansam, reinforcing its competitiveness for the global contract / Daehan News
Gansam’s reinforcing its competitiveness for the global contract was featured in the article on February 14, 2024 by Daehan News.    [Go to read an article] Gansam, reinforcing its competitiveness for the global contract / Daehan News  
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