The CI of Gansam represent 'tradition' and 'future.'

It succeeds the architectural philosophy of 'creating a space for people beyond time' and illustrates the dedication
to spreading the beauty of Korean architecture around the globe.
The Vision Holder, which stands for 'People, Time and Space,' the three pillars of the Gansam Philosophy, is a motif that can be used in various ways.
It has been actively used as a friendly identity element that captures the infinite value pursued by Gansam.

Identity Story

간삼건축 로고

The symbol of Gansam used Bodoni.
It is a representative modern classic typeface characterized by delicacy and solidity, and harmony between tradition and modern sensibility.

Corporate Color

The corporate color is toreador red that can express the cool-headed reason and
passionate sensibility unique to an architectural design company, which is attractive, gallant, positive, and sensational.

Gansam Red

or Pantone 1925C
M100 Y50
R237 G20 B91

Gansam Cool Gray

or Pantone Cool Gray 3C
Y3 K23
R203 G204 B200

Gansam Dark Gray

or Pantone 425C
C20 M6 Y3 K88
R52 G59 B65

Gansam Chanpagne Gold

or Pantone 1925C
C37 M53 Y62 K13
R151 G114 B95

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