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[영상] 호텔·리조트 전문, 이효상 건축가 인터뷰|The Insight
[Video] Interview with an architect Hyosang Lee, an expert of the hotel and resort
Interview with Hyosang Lee|Hotel design from Gansam's perspective|The Insight "What are the post-pandemic hotel architecture trends?"   As an expert pioneering new innovations in the hotel and resort architecture,  as a group leader, and a 20-year member of Gansam,  Hyosang Lee talks about insights with Gansam.   Interview with an architect Hyosang Lee for the Design group 4 of Gansam  [Go to architect information]     Explore contents for diverse perspectives and activities of Gansam. ≫Go to the Gansam’s YouTube channel
2024년 신입사원 21인을 소개합니다.
Let’s meet 21 new employees for the year 2024.
Let us introduce 21 new Gansam employees for 2024,  who will be together at all moments with Gansam.   Read Ganjik-e’s names and personal impressions hand-written by themselves and remember and welcome them :)   Welcome everyone. We look forward to working together!  
간삼건축 Official Logo Motion
Gansam’s Official Logo Motion
Gansam’s Official Logo Motion Started with architecture,  Gansam aims to become a brand that transforms lifestyles and landscapes.   Various experts including architects, interior designers, urban planners, landscape architects, and engineers,  come together to draw up the plan for a better life.   In the plan to our lives, we have encapsulated the direction of Gansam as a growing and expanding brand.   We are Thinkers for innovation.     Explore contents for diverse perspectives and activities of Gansam. ≫ Go to the Gansam’s YouTube channel
2024 신입사원을 위한 선물, 간삼건축 웰컴키트
Gansam welcome kit for 2024 new employees
What does Gansam’s welcome kit look like?   We would like to introduce the 2024 Gansam’s welcome kit for 2024 new employees,  which we prepared wishing their hopeful and cheerful first steps.   Gansam welcome kit for 2024 new employees   Plan for welcome kit   [2024 GANSAM WELCOME KIT] Warm scarf, Planner and calendar, 2024 Gansam Life Guidebook, Gansam X Co.village eco-bag,  Welcome card, Fountain pen, Wooden business card case, Employee ID card   ※For more detailed information about the welcome kit, please check out the Gansam’s blog.    Go to see the blog contents>
Play With Gansam
Play With Gansam
Play With Gansam Decorating your home according to your taste, school or work you commute every day, the landscapes you pass when you take a walk in your neighborhood, and landmarks in travel destinations. Architecture can be the backdrop of our daily lives or a source of joy.  Our architects at Gansam are always dedicated to making the buildings closer and more enjoyable for you,  so that you enjoy the places for a long time.   We hope Gansam's architectures become a part of scene in the same place for years to come.     Find other perspectives and activities of Gansam on the YouTube channel. ≫Go to Gansam’s Youtube Channel
[사내행사] 2024년 시무식 현장
[In-house event] Kick-off ceremony for the year 2024
Let us introduce the event of the 2024 New Year's Kickoff Ceremony held at Gansam headquarters on Tuesday, January 2, 2024.  The event proceeded in the order of welcoming new employees for 2024,  New Year's well-wishing remarks, executive’s greetings, and New Year's remarks.     2024 Welcoming Ceremony for New Employees This year, we welcomed 21 new employees. Dear new employees who have become Ganjik-e by coming through a competition of 29 to 1,  we sincerely welcome you.  *Ganjik-e: A nickname for Gansam members, derived from Korean word 'Ganjik-hada' meaning 'cherish' or value.   After the introduction for new employees,  the Chairman and CEO personally presented ID cards and welcome kits to the new employees,  conveying their best wishes for a new beginning.           New Year's well-wishing remarks Chairman Jaho Kim, CEO Taijip Kim, and President Donghee Oh shared New Year's well-wishing remarks.     Executive’s greetings The executives in charge of each group took the time to share their New Year's resolutions.   New Year's remarks 2024 New Year's Kickoff Ceremony was concluded with the New Year's remarks from CMO and CDO representatives.   "We must become architects with insight who inspire others in the society. We need the strength to lead the architectural market with a new perspective. Let’s be a group who can define our own future by taking new approaches we haven't taken before."  - Muchan Park, CMO   The architecture industry is expected to face significant challenges this year, but challenges come with opportunities. By strengthening our capabilities through internal efforts, we can seize the opportunities. We need to create overwhelming differences in various aspects including design, through change and innovation. Let's make this year an opportunity to move forward rather than cowering in crisis. " – Taesung Kim, CDO  
[영상] Welcome to Co.village
[Video] Welcome to Co.village
Welcome to Co.village We contemplate life together and social issues. 'Co.village' is a village project undertaken by Gansam. Through Co.village in Goseong, Gangwondo, we aim to restore life within homes,  revive communities, and ultimately address social issues regional extinction. Discover the story of Co.village on a video, which talks about our concerns.     Curious about other stories of Gansam? ≫Go to Gansam’s Youtube Channel
[영상] Co.village_Prefab House, 친환경 목구조 프리패브 공법
[Video image] Co. Village_Prefab House, eco-friendly wood structure prefab construction method
Co. Village_Prefab House, eco-friendly wood structure prefab construction method Do you know how detached houses in the Co. Village will be built? The detached house in Co. Village is made with woods as main material, using the prefabrication construction method. Prepab, short for prefabrication, refers to the construction method to manufacture building materials in advance in the factory and complete a building with simple assembly or installation at the site. Learn more about prefabrication method from manufacturing to installation process on the video.     Find other stories of Gansam on the YouTube channel. Go to Youtube    
[영상] Co.Village Site view
[Video image] Co.Village Site view
  Co.Village Site view It features the scenery of Goseong, Gangwon-do, where the Co. Village will be built. Where do you want to live?   Each of us picture our own lives. There's no right answer.   Someone wants to live in the city. Someone else wants 5 days in the city, 2 days in the county. And someone dreams of living surrounded by nature.   Imagine how it would be like to live here while enjoying the video and sound of Goseong in Gangwon-do.     Find other stories of Gansam on the YouTube channel. Go to Youtube  
[영상] 간삼건축 창립 40주년 기념 전시
[Video image] Gansam’s 40th anniversary exhibition
  Gansam’s 40th anniversary exhibition Exhibition onsite sketch         What do architects imagine when they get together? Exhibition to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Gansam with their imagination   Gansam celebrating its 40th anniversary looks out future.   Co.village, the solution for social problems proposed by the perspective of architects, Mr.Q, expressing architectural imagination in various objects, not in drawings.   The 40th anniversary exhibition presented with passion as intense as summer sun   Thank you very much for participating in the future journey of Gansam.
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