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Play With Gansam
Play With Gansam
Play With Gansam Decorating your home according to your taste, school or work you commute every day, the landscapes you pass when you take a walk in your neighborhood, and landmarks in travel destinations. Architecture can be the backdrop of our daily lives or a source of joy.  Our architects at Gansam are always dedicated to making the buildings closer and more enjoyable for you,  so that you enjoy the places for a long time.   We hope Gansam's architectures become a part of scene in the same place for years to come.     Find other perspectives and activities of Gansam on the YouTube channel. ≫Go to Gansam’s Youtube Channel
[수상] LG아트센터 서울, 제9회 한국문화공간상 공연장부문 수상
[Award] LG Art Center Seoul won the 9th Cultural Space Award in the Performance Venue Category
  LG Art Center Seoul won the 9th Cultural Space Award (Performance Venue Category) organized by the Korean Institute of Culture Architecture on January 17th.   Designed by Gansam, LG Art Center Seoul won the 9th Cultural Space Award in the Performance Venue Category, which was organized by Korean Institute of Culture Architecture. The award ceremony took place on January 17th at the auditorium on the underground floor of the Architectural Center of the Architectural Institute of Korea, where Professor Ja-young Kim, Vice Chairman of Korean Institute of Culture Architecture (Professor of Architecture at Korea University) took a MC and President Beom Joo, Chairman of Korean Institute of Culture Architecture (Professor of Architecture College of Konkuk University) presented the award.   In its 9th edition this year, the Korean Cultural Space Award recognized not only LG Art Center Seoul in the Performance Venue category but also 5 other works across 4 other categories such as Museum, Library, and Small Cultural Space.  In the Museum Category, Art Archives Seoul Museum of Art (by Arcbody) was awarded, while Inje Miracle Library (by ZIAN, Professor Sang-yoon Lee of Yonsei University) and The 2nd Library Ilum Hall of Incheon National University (AUMLEE Architecture) were awarded in the Library Category. In the Small Cultural Space Category, Jochiwon 1927 Art Center (Seoul Architecture) received the award.   The Korean Institute of Cultural Architecture selects candidates for Korean Cultural Space Award from many recommendations for each category. The recommended works undergo several reviews through regular board meetings and the Cultural Space Award Committee Meetings. The final winners are selected at the board meeting.   LG Art Center Seoul designed by Gansam   Performance Hall, LG Art Center Seoul   LG Art Center Seoul received praise for establishing itself as a landmark in Magok Seoul Botanical Garden, seamlessly connecting the beauty of internal and external spaces with superior functional performance in its design.  The project also enhanced the immersion for both the stage and the audience, and the architectural structure is harmoniously blended with the surroundings with naturalistic design, which contributed to the success of the design.    The Korean Cultural Space Award, established in 2015 by the Korean Institute of Culture Architecture, is an architectural award designed to recognize the contributions of architects who have excelled in user evaluations, outstanding content, and creative operational programs and  provided a vision for sustainable cultural spaces. The award is presented to architectural structures in Korea that can serve as benchmarks for the development of cultural spaces, encouraging continuous creative activities.
간삼건축, ‘재난응급형 스마트+빌딩 공동연구 프로젝트’ 업무협약 체결
Gansam signed on MOU for 'Disaster and Emergency Smart+Building Joint Research Project
Taking a picture after signing a memorandum of understanding for the 'Disaster and Emergency Smart+ Building Joint Research Project'  ⓒSmart+Building Alliance   On December 19th, Gansam signed a MOU with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport for the 'Disaster and Emergency Smart+Building Joint Research Project.' The Disaster and Emergency Smart+Building Joint Research Project is the next-generation project organized under the Smart+Building Alliance. Smart+Building refers to the structure equipped with spaces, structures, and facilities that are friendly to 4th Industrial Revolution technologies, which means the advanced robots or urban air mobility (UAM) are easily introduced. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport established the alliance in February last year, with 65 institutions from industry, academia, and research, which has been actively promoting the activation of Smart+Building. This MOU is a part of the business model of the Smart+Building Alliance, which was launched to develop Smart+Building as a driving force for national new growth power. Seventeen organizations, including the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Architectural and Urban Research Institute (AURI), Gachon University Gil Medical Center, LX, Naver, Neubility,  Smartcity Association, ATECH, Car Crab, and Hyundai E&C, are collaborating on this project. The participating institutions and companies in this project have set a goal to resolve medical blind spots, guarantee citizens' health rights, and further establish remote medical care systems for emergency response, disasters, and accidents, by transforming Gachon University Gil Medical Center Wirye into Smart+Building. In particular, this project is generating high expectations as a demonstration that targets on the development of related technologies, preparation of architectural environments, and improvement of relevant regulations for establishing Disaster and Emergency Smart+Building model. Additionally, the 17 organizations involved in the MOU including Gansam, plan to pursue research connecting UAM verti port for emergency patients, autonomous driving robot systems, smart medical support, and ward round robots. Gansam will play a leading role in the Korean Smart+Building project through the convergence of architecture and smart technology, ensuring safe and convenient benefits for everyone without any social group neglected.
[사내행사] 2024년 시무식 현장
[In-house event] Kick-off ceremony for the year 2024
Let us introduce the event of the 2024 New Year's Kickoff Ceremony held at Gansam headquarters on Tuesday, January 2, 2024.  The event proceeded in the order of welcoming new employees for 2024,  New Year's well-wishing remarks, executive’s greetings, and New Year's remarks.     2024 Welcoming Ceremony for New Employees This year, we welcomed 21 new employees. Dear new employees who have become Ganjik-e by coming through a competition of 29 to 1,  we sincerely welcome you.  *Ganjik-e: A nickname for Gansam members, derived from Korean word 'Ganjik-hada' meaning 'cherish' or value.   After the introduction for new employees,  the Chairman and CEO personally presented ID cards and welcome kits to the new employees,  conveying their best wishes for a new beginning.           New Year's well-wishing remarks Chairman Jaho Kim, CEO Taijip Kim, and President Donghee Oh shared New Year's well-wishing remarks.     Executive’s greetings The executives in charge of each group took the time to share their New Year's resolutions.   New Year's remarks 2024 New Year's Kickoff Ceremony was concluded with the New Year's remarks from CMO and CDO representatives.   "We must become architects with insight who inspire others in the society. We need the strength to lead the architectural market with a new perspective. Let’s be a group who can define our own future by taking new approaches we haven't taken before."  - Muchan Park, CMO   The architecture industry is expected to face significant challenges this year, but challenges come with opportunities. By strengthening our capabilities through internal efforts, we can seize the opportunities. We need to create overwhelming differences in various aspects including design, through change and innovation. Let's make this year an opportunity to move forward rather than cowering in crisis. " – Taesung Kim, CDO  
2023 Gansam's New Works
2023 Gansam's New Works
Introducing Gansam's completed projects of 2023.   From the design phase of one architecture to becoming a part of our lives,  it requires the efforts from many people including architects. Dear all participants and everyone at Gansam, thank you for your hard work.   We also extend our gratitude to everyone who has supported Gansam. Wishing everyone a great 2024 ahead.   -     2023 Gansam's New Works Gangnam Scale Tower Seolhaewon Seolhaebyeoldam G-Type Mangrove Sinchon Localstitch Creator Town Seogyo  Villv Archive Namsan Cambodia ION Mall 3rd Branch Nine Tree Premier Hotel Rokaus Seoul Yongsan Songdo Celltrion Research Center Anyang University Dormitory   -   ▪ Gangnam Scale Tower OFFICE     [Participants] Taesung Kim   Seonghwan Kim   Jinwoo Jeong   Seulgi Park   Seonho Lee    Haeyong Park   Seungwoo Baek   Habin Song    Location: Gangnam-gu, Seoul Site area: 3,300.7㎡ Total floor area: 49,398.9㎡ Scale: B6F - 19F The curtain wall and louvers at various angles create a three-dimensional façade that harmonizes  with the urban context. Louvers at various angles, creating diverse patterns over time,  create an ever-changing facade depending on the viewing angle. Utilizing an open public space and pilotis, it connects Gangnam-daero in front and the rear facing alley. Scale Tower located on Gangnam-daero.     ▪ Seolhaewon Seolhaebyeoldam G-Type HOUSING & RESIDENTIAL     [Participants] Chris YoonChristopher S. Yoon   Seokhyun Jin   Hyeongjin Lee   Seol-hee Kim    Minjoon Lee   Sujin Jang   Kyeongmi Ahn   Heejeong Yoon   Hyeonhee Park   Location: Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do   Living room on the first floor with warm texture and color. The elevated daecheongmaru makes nature-friendly living room more delightful.   Bedroom embracing the scenery as it is.     ▪ Mangrove Sinchon HOUSING & RESIDENTIAL   [Participants] Seunghan Lee   Soonyoung Hwang   Hansol Ji   Minsung Hwang   Suna Kim   Location: Mapo-gu, Seoul Site area: 1,837.40㎡ Total floor area: 13,520.30㎡ Scale: B6F - 16F   The library on the 13th floor. In Mangrove Sinchon,  there are diverse community spaces with different concepts every two floors. A single room with a well-designed cozy lay-out.     ▪ Localstitch Creator Town Seogyo HOTEL     [Participants] Hotel & Resort          Hyosang Lee   Sungkook Park   Yeongdu Choi   Arin Heo Creative Design          Myoungryul Lee   Yunjeong Chi   Suyeoung Choi   Location: Mapo-gu, Seoul Site area: 3,622.1㎡ Total floor area: 17,590.03 Localstitch Creator Town Seogyo featuring gabled roof and bricks blends well with Seogyo-dong. Hotel lobby. Open amenity space where natural encounters and casual daily lives stay together.      ▪ Villv Archive Namsan HOUSING & RESIDENTIAL     [Participants] Full.                           Minsu Kim   Suyoung Jung   Doohyeong Choi  Dongjin Lee Planning design.          Yeonjeong Kim   Sangli Hwang Design change.            Shinhee Won   Choonghoon Seonwoo Completion support.     Sangmi Park   Location: Jung-gu, Seoul Site area: 2,050.66㎡ Total floor area: 17,352.6㎡ Scale: B2F - 20F   The room offers an open panoramic view by utilizing balcony space. Rooftop garden with a view of Namsan Mountain.      ▪ Cambodia ION Mall 3rd Branch RETAIL     [Participants] Taewan Kim   Hyoungshik Lim   Hojik Seo   Yeongho Shin   Sangbeom Heo Heoksuk Gwon   Boyoung Kim   Seunghee Lee   Joonhee Woo   Jihye Min Jiyeong Shin   Yeojoong Yang   Jongjoo Yeo   Sejin Cho   Sangyeon Hwang   Location: Cambodia Site area: 173,997,59㎡ Total floor area: 219,075㎡ Scale: GF, 1F~3F, RF1~RF2   As the largest shopping mall in Cambodia, it provides experiential spaces, cultural facilities,  and financial services. The 25-meter-high sky bridge offers visitors a new experience.      ▪ Nine Tree Premier Hotel Rokaus Seoul Yongsan HOTEL     [Participants] Hyosang Lee   Byungsue Koh   Minkyeong Kim   Beomjoon Shin   Daewon Choi   Jaemin Hwang   Location: Yongsan-gu, Seoul Site area: 2,743.10㎡ Total floor area: 40,265.72㎡ Scale: B7F - 30F   Exotic-colored swimming pool. Lobby on the 1st floor Lobby on the 4th floor A quadruple room where families can stay together.      
[영상] Welcome to Co.village
[Video] Welcome to Co.village
Welcome to Co.village We contemplate life together and social issues. 'Co.village' is a village project undertaken by Gansam. Through Co.village in Goseong, Gangwondo, we aim to restore life within homes,  revive communities, and ultimately address social issues regional extinction. Discover the story of Co.village on a video, which talks about our concerns.     Curious about other stories of Gansam? ≫Go to Gansam’s Youtube Channel
[기사] 간삼건축 40년, 지속가능한 사회를 위한 새로운 선택을 선언하다_동아일보
[Article] 40 Years of Gansam declares new choices for sustainable society_Dong-A Ilbo
News about Gansam was featured on the Dong-A Ilbo’s special article ‘Hidden champion is our future.’       [Dong-A Ilbo] 40 Years of Gansam declares new choices for sustainable society_Dong-A Ilbo   "Thinking about a social role of architecture... it should be overcome the limit of the conventional role of architectural firm." "Apartment republic, there is no option for various life possibilities" "We will continue to present the solutions from architects for those who are still not guaranteed for quality of life." "Joining global discourse on a sustainable future through London office" Architectural company Gansam has continued to contemplate the social responsibility and role of architects in the past 40 years. Gansam is socially recognized for its achievements from various large-scale projects which change the urban landscape based on continuous creativity on the essence of architecture, ethical management, and its philosophy be a good influencer on the society. To mark its 40th anniversary this year, Taijip Kim, CEO of Gansam presented Co. Village for the solution to the housing problem that our society is facing, which fully reflects Gansam’s philosophy and will be a driving force for the future of the company, and declared that Gansam would be reborn as an architect who "provides solutions for the sustainable social environment for the next generation."   ≫ Full article  
우선협상대상자 선정, ‘유니세프 어린이 지구촌 체험관 리뉴얼 전시 연출 및 시공용역 제안’
Gansam selected as a preferred bidder for the proposal on the UNICEF Children's Global Village Experience Center renewal exhibition and construction.’
Gansam selected as a preferred bidder for the proposal on the UNICEF Children's Global Village Experience Center renewal exhibition and construction.’   Welcome to UNICEF Children’s Global Village For the materials of the UNICEF Children's Global Village Experience Center, Gansam proposed economical and eco-friendly materials symbolizing UNICEF. In the main space, tents, boxes, palettes, and wraps are used, which can be seen in UNICEF warehouses and relief sites, enhancing the sense of realism of the experience center. Previously parallelly composed contents were rearranged to experience-oriented through new storytelling, and images and designs were updated to create an immersive exhibition environment.   "UNICEF's donation money is same as children's lives. Business expenses provided by donation should be cherished and spent to provide more attractions and experiences. In addition, I believe this experience should contribute to make more people become fans of UNICEF and eventually become supporters. It should not just be a construction project but a virtuous cycle process which generates more attention, participation, and donations. That was how we approached this project." - Jeongseung Lee   ■ Project overview · Project name : UNICEF Children's Global Village Experience Center renewal exhibition and construction · Location : 1F, 2F UNICEF Building, 60, Seogang-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul  · Project purpose: This is to develop UNICEF's global warehouse space as an experience center, introducing UNICEF activities, missions, and five major projects (water supply, health, nutrition, education, and emergency relief) with experiential contents. Through this, the project is to create a space to promote public awareness of UNICEF activities including emergency relief.   ■ Participants · London office : Jeongseung Lee, Seo Whan Kim · D.eX division : Miseon Kim, Sora Yeom, Nahyeon Kim · Contents development team : In Sang Yoon·             
간삼건축 이효상 건축가, 누디트 홍대 오프닝 행사 ‘Re:MAPO 페스티벌’ 연사로 참여
Architect of Gansam, Hyosang Lee participates’ as a speaker in the opening event of NOUDIT Hongdae ‘Re:MAPO festival.’
Architect of Gansam, Hyosang Lee will participate as a speaker in the ‘Re:MAPO festival,’ local cultural festival held at the NOUDIT Hongdae. Organized by lifestyle developer NEOVALUE, Re:MAPO festival is part of NOUDIT, an urban regeneration project which revitalized the city, and will be held at the Seogyo-dong Shared Complex designed by Gansam. At this event, architect Hyosang Lee will share changing spaces and architectural trends.     <Re:MAPO festival> · Date  : 12:00-20:00, Wednesday, November 8 ~ Sunday, November 12, 2023 · Venue: NOUDIT Hongdae, 460-25, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul Re:MAPO festival held at the NOUDIT Hongdae     Seogyo-dong Shared Complex, NOUDIT Hongdae     ▼ Related contents · [Architect Hyosang’s Column] Seogyeo-dong socializing platform hotel sharing · [Architect Hyosang’s Column] The trend of new concept hotel & residenceis coming! The new changes of residential type from architect Hyosang Lee’s perspectives
[영상] The Material 성수동 : 오래됨과 새로움
[Video image] The Material Seongsu-dong: Old and New
The Material Seongsu-dong: Old and New   Seongsu-dong, where the past and present coexist, Daily lives of people living here have been accumulated over time, creating various façades in this area.   When it comes to Seongsu, red bricks, iron from factories, and today’s new materials come to mind. The materials you meet while walking through the alley tell the change of Seongsu-dong. With a focus on the ‘Materials of the city,’ Gansam visited Seongsu-dong alleys where various materials coexist.   Gansam’s revisiting our city project, The Material Let’s take a walk along the materials of the city.     Find other stories of Gansam on the YouTube channel. Go to Youtube      
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