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제목 [해외전시]간삼건축, 베트남 하노이 건축대학 전시
등록일 2014-11-13 13:35:50 조회수 2765
간삼건축은 베트남 하노이 건축대학에서 ‘Journey to be an Architect’라는 주제로 해외 전시회를 개최하였다. 건축과 학생이 건축가로 성장해가는 과정을 5가지 테마로 구성한 이번 전시회는 간삼건축의 다양한 포트폴리오와 출판물, 모형 및 영상자료들이 함께 소개되어 참석자들로부터 뜨거운 반응을 이끌어냈다. 한편 진교남 본부장은 ‘Our contemporary milieu and the Role of Architecture’라는 주제의 강연을 통해 베트남 학생들과 건축의 역할과 가치에 대해 함께 고민해 보는 시간을 가졌다.


전시기간: 2014년 11월 12일 ~ 12월 15일
개회식: 2014년 11월 12일 AM 8:30
장소: 베트남 하노이 건축대학교
강연: 우리의 현대 환경 그리고 건축의 역할/건축가 진교남
일시: 2014.11.12 AM10:30~12:00


Journey to be an Architect

Organized by an Architect at Gansam Architects & Partners, this exhibition is directed towards an audience who has an interest in the process of what it takes to become an architect. The exhibition will aid students to make the right career choices at Hanoi Architectural University and derive their understanding and sympathy of Korean Architecture. Students will be able to experience the various aspects of college life and professional working life, improve architectural portfolios as well as view video clips of major project performance outcomes or publications. Gansam Architects & Partners will also offer internships for students at Hanoi Architectural University. This exhibition will result in substantial field exchanges between Vietnam and Korea and play a catalytic role to join two countries architecturally.


[theme 1]  My College Life
The photographs show the process and living conditions of students who major in Architecture in South Korea.


[theme 2]  My First Step
Displays will show finished portfolios of students who have graduated and are applying to design firms.


[theme 3]  My Workspace
Deliver live office images of Gansam Architects & Partners and how work is produced.


theme 4]  My First Project
The panels and booklets will show the process of a finished project based within the company.


[theme 5]  My Career as an Architect
Introduce critical career growth of an individual as an Architect.




문의사항: 홍보팀 02-3407-1247,1245